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System analysis of our fastener production
Release date:2015-09-15   Author:Jiaxing Brother   Source:www.xdhy-bzj.com

After a long period of development, China has built the world's largest species than the whole, the quality is better fastener production system. Inexpensive Chinese fastener products, with strong comprehensive competitiveness, China has become the fasteners power and a major exporter, and the emergence of a number of "Hero enterprise", they have become local or "leader within the industry as a whole and continue to play to their influence, driving other companies before.

Around the fastener industry, "Hero enterprise" What are? Let us have to search out by the "elite" force the industry to a more prosperous, go farther and help the fastener industry.

Standard Parts Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Qifeng Hardware: Fastener Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, vice president of enterprise, is a professional fastener manufacturer has more than 10 years of hardware manufacturing history. The company funds totaling 17.77 million yuan, is the standard Standardization Technical Committee member in Zhejiang Province.

Dongming Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang: Zhejiang Province Fastener Industry Association, enterprise, registered capital of a 1.4 billion Lu thousand EIGHT HUNDRED million RMB in 2004 can store twenty thousand Sites of automated warehousing systems, increase efficiency and feedbackspeed, has become one of the world's largest stainless steel fastener supply centers. Chinese fastener industry pacesetter companies, Zhejiang province, the taxpayer, advanced technology enterprises, corporate integrity, A class of exchange-related enterprises, the Red Cross earthquake relief special dedication Award honors.

Jiaxing Brother Standard Parts Co., Ltd.: Jiaxing Brother Fastener Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association executive vice president of enterprise, is the largest professional company of the current domestic production of specialty threaded rod. Haiyan County, the first national exemption product business. In addition, the companies also received the Zhejiang Province famous brand products, the company produces products for the construction of the project on the Beijing Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest". The company is currently vice president of the units of the Fastener Industry Association of Zhejiang Province.

Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd.: invest 53 million yuan, registered capital of 26.5 million yuan. In the production of bolts, screw, nut three standard items at the same time, in March 2008, to conform to international and domestic market development needs, the successful development and production of various models of pop rivets and bolts products for the railway system, on this basis, development and production of a rivet products for other industries. In response to the state has increased the need for green energy construction companies to invest and produce fasteners connect the series of products for the wind turbine system.