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A fastening

A fastening
  • 质量稳定:实行全过程质量监控,细致入微,全方位检测!
  • 价格合理:高效内部成本控制,减少了开支,让利于客户!
  • 交货快捷:先进生产流水线,充足的备货,缩短了交货期!
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  • 出口部\ TEL:86-573-86127875
  • 邮 箱\ E-mail:tqh@xdhy-bzj.com
Jiaxing Brother Standard Co., Ltd.

The annual output reached 99,450 tons in 2007, total industrial output value of 7.0595 billion yuan, is the largest professional company of the current domestic production of specialty threaded rod products are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia, and praised by customers.

May 2006, the newly established Zhejiang Morgan Brother Technology Co., Ltd, covers an area of 75,000 square meters in 2007, 100,000 tons of high-strength threaded rod. Our main products for the threaded rod, basic bolt and U-shaped bolt standard parts. Years of standard parts production experience and excellent quality management, world-renowned.

Company product materials have carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, surface treatment of black, galvanized, copper, hot-dip galvanized, mechanical galvanized, and other types of products mechanical properties of grade 4.8 to 12.9 (ANSI GR2-GR5 B7the B7M L7M) stainless steel 304-316, B8, B8M, various grades, the product has a variety of packaging forms for customers to choose.